Many companies build holsters, many others teach firearms, still others own and run shooting ranges. Few do all three. Look at our competition and see what's out there. Check out the back story of each one. Some have simply built holsters for a long time. Some use competitive shooters to boost sales. Some just started and are working out of a garage. But, really, who spends the bulk of their time teaching the average citizen to protect themselves, carry concealed, and actually carries a gun for a living. Well, here at Talon, we have such a story. Take a moment and be an informed buyer and we think you will join the Talon Family:

J.D. Johnson and Charlie Strickland both started as Police Officers about 1989. Both ended up being Deputy Sheriffs and still are. Both have been teaching cops to shoot, drive, fight, etc... for over 20 years each. In 2008 they founded Talon Training Group and started to teach the average person to shoot and began a drive to make their communty safer by empowering citizens to protect themselves. You see, after decades of trying to do it as law enforcement, they realized they could never actually be there when someone needed them. People simply had to be able to protect themselves. Talon Training was their solution. Many cops focus on training cops, Talon focuses on the average person....you. Dozens of trained people turned into hundreds and then to thousands in the North Florida, South Georgia and South Alabama area. There were some deficiencies they identified that were brought to them by students. One was a safe place to shoot, so they built the Talon Range on 100 acres on I-10, just West of Tallahassee. The other was holsters that were of really high quality, but, affordable and made in the USA specifically for concealed carry with the smallest new guns. Not plastic, but, traditional leather, hand crafted and carefully built.

Charlie and JD searched for people to provide these holsters so they could sell them to their clients. Many of the big names wouldn't work with them. At one SHOT Show a major manufacturer told them point blank, "We are not interested in working with you." Others wouldn't sell holsters to such a small business. They finally found people to build a few holsters to their specifications here and there and started to produce YouTube Videos on everything from gun cleaning to home defense to how to carry a concealed firearm. Things started to take off.

As Talon grew to over a dozen very qualified LEO instructors they were able to get a LOT of feedback on designs. Finally, they found exactly what they needed. An American manufacturer who would make exactly what they wanted and was interested in forming a partnership. When the Talon met Hague, things really clicked. Tim Couto at Hague Textiles has 30 years of experience working with leather. They build basically anything leather. One of their biggest sellers is the leather holsters made for Motorola radios that you see on the belt of cops and firefighters everywhere. Tim's factory is a small, family run business in Fall River, Massechusetts. This area is ripe with American history. And the people actually crafting our holsters all have decades of experience. Instead of learning to build leather products and taking years to get up to speed, Talon sat down with Tim and his family and the ideas just exploded. Tim still hand selects the hides and decides what cut will go where. They teamed with Hermann Oak Leather to provide the finest leather for their holsters. Some companies use Hermann Oak for finer lines of holsters, but, use Mexican leather or other imports for the standard lines. They call it Made in the USA, but, the components are not. Talon uses exclusively Hermann Oak. This synergy between Tim, JD and Charlie is what made Talon Holsters what it is. This is now an exclusive agreement and these guys are great friends as well as partners. The combination of Talon's background and Hague's manufacturing experience has caused holster sales to more than double each year for 4 years. Available on Amazon and our own Website, Talon Holsters are a HUGE hit. Our seller rating on Amazon is 100% and our feedback is great across the board. Our customer service is exceptional and our NO BULL Guarantee is there to assure you that we won't give you a hard time if you are not happy. Charlie and JD are steadfast in their demands that all Talon customers be happy or they get their money back.....period.

We make Inside the Waistband Holsters, Outside the Waistband Holsters, Tuckable Holsters, Pocket Holsters, Wallet Holsters, Cargo Pocket Holsters and now magazine carriers for small 380's and 9mm's. Like us on Facebook at Talon Holsters or Talon Range to stay updated.

At Talon, we are passionate about our business. It is what has kept us going home to our families for 20+ years and we want to make sure you do too. Buy Quality, Buy American, Buy Talon!

Check out all our leather holster products in our Web Store. We offer quality manufactured leather holsters, Made in the USA. These are designed by law enforcement officers with input from our civilian students. Our instructors at Talon Training have been perfecting these designs for years now and are constantly coming up with minor changes and new designs. See our featured products to the right and then see our videos on the video tab above. Have questions? See the About Us link and e-mail or call us at 850-363-3396.